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Map System.TimeSpan to xs:duration for the DataContractSerializer

I’m working on a new RESTful service (I’m using Asp.Net MVC for this) and I’m keen to make it as easy to integrate with as across as many client platforms as possible.I’m going to be using XML exclusively, as I it enables me to produce schemas that our service clients will be able to download and then see the shape of each object that the service operations will expect.I also want to employ XML schema validation on the data coming in from the request.  Doing this will trap most data errors it gets further down the request pipeline, thus protecting my code; but will also ensure that the caller gets nice verbose error messages – XML Schema Validation is pretty explicit on what’s gone wrong!Thus, I’ve wired up an MVC action to produce a schema for the relevant objects using the XsdDataContractExporter class.  I will simply point users at this, alongside documentation for each of the operations; which will include schema type names from that ‘live’ schema.While testing out one of the type…