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Story: A mystery of three

I wrote this story a good few years ago now. I've been meaning to put it up for a while now, and only now just got the wherewithall to do so.

A mystery of three

By Andras Zoltan

"Christ", thought Andras, as he sifted through the thousands of papers on the desk "Somewhere here are the words that'll elevate me to the next level, I need to find them, bring them together to make a collage of feelings and ideas; a catastrophe of logic and reason. But where do I start?"
The bits of paper all had dark, angular scrawls all over them. On not one of them did any discernable sentence appear. Instead they seemed to have been leaked onto the paper both in the act of writing them as well as dreaming them up, as though a product of a deep trance. As soon as they caught his gaze, the words seemed to fly at him, each one's impact growing from the last; their chaos seeping into his mind as it tried to make sense of what he was seeing.
He stared at one of the pages for a few…