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ICM and further follow-up - Still getting spam!

As my last two (here and here) posts have been documenting - I've had a really tough time trying to stop from sending me email surveys, having mistakenly allowing myself to be registered with them following an ICM telephone survey.Most recently I'd received an email from a guy called Keith Bates of Creston Insight (a division of Creston to which ICM and newvista Research belong) assuring me that I will no longer receive email surveys.Well - today I got another survey from off I go to Information Commissioner's Office to report this organisation.

ICM and follow-up - Well, that was quick

Update (19th April 2013) - I'm still getting spam despite being assured that it will stop - read more.Yesterday I posted about my experiences with ICM and an affiliated website,  In it I explained how I had repeatedly tried to unsubscribe from their email survey service to no effect, I also included the text of an email I'd written to Keith Bates, apparently the head of the 'Insight Division' of Creston, the overarching company that controls ICM, newvista Research and many others.I waxed lyrical about how I didn't expect to receive any response to this email, but I was wrong.Last night I received this response:Dear Mr Zoltan,
I was very concerned to receive your email and immediately launched an investigation into your case. My team have been working on this matter for the past few hours and I am now in a position to respond to you
Firstly, let me apologize for the experience you have suffered. This is far below our usual standard. Secondly, I woul… is SPAM! Say no to ICM re email surveys.

Update (19th April 2013) - I'm still getting spam despite being assured that it will stop - read more.
Update (16th April 2013) - I have received a response to the email I sent below -read my next post for more.Like many people in the UK, I've been called by ICM and completed one or two of their telephone polls (often conducted for organisations such as the BBC, the Guardian and many other media organisations).Following one of these completed polls, I was asked if I would like to receive polls by email, too, from 'one of our partners' - with the potential to earn some money.  Assuming that I would be able to 'suck it and see', and unsubscribe if I got bored of receiving these emails, I said yes.It was definitely one of the stupidest mistakes I've ever made.  The surveys come from ( who proudly report on their website how much money their members have earned today.  I've no doubt that some people are completing…